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Charles Ward
Charles Ward

NoSQL Booster For MongoDB 4.7.2 Enterprise Edtion

if you want to have a look at real-world mongodb applications, check out sample applications on github with links at the end of this blog entry. and you also can create your own by running the sample code in the samples pane.

NoSQL Booster for MongoDB 4.7.2 Enterprise Edtion

in addition to that, nosqlbooster for mongodb 4.7 is packed with enhanced object explorer (users and roles node, collection schema and validator), watch collection/database/deployment data changes, new sql functions(type conversion, string operations,date operations) and mongodb objectid timestamp converter.. and so much more to make your working experience with mongodb better.

in addition, this version of nosqlbooster includes the c++ builder client and server, visual studio 2017 or later c++ toolset, visual studio 2008 and later toolset, c++/cli toolset (included in c++ toolset), mongodb driver for c++ (included in c++ toolset), tjson for mongodb, smart devices sdk and tcrypt - which is a set of portable/cross-platform cross-compilation tools for the mongocrypt, crypto-library by cryptography for mongodb..

besides the changes in enterprise edition, there are also quite a few improvements that have been made in the new version. below are the new features we have added in this release. this release is the next step in our continuous improvement. new features in nosqlbooster 4.7.2

with nosqlbooster for mongodb, there are two new* features for analytical applications. they are data spreadsheets and field statistics. nosqlbooster for mongodb is the most powerful mongodb visualization application, it helps users to understand their data faster and more accurately in one screen.


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