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Through the Hearts of my Hounds

I'm a hard man when it comes to my hounds and I expect quality bred hunting dogs with conformation from my kennel. My Cameron's have speed, stamina and grit with a cold nose to run a cold trail and will run a fast track, a powerhouse independence intelligent thinker with brains. I expect a lot out of my dogs, I will always produce these quality's in my hounds no exceptions no excuses.  


The Cameron hounds have been legendary for over 50 plus years, having been sought after for many years by the government and professional hunters. Cameron hounds have been bred for big game and have been very successful on bear, lion, boar, and jaguar. Even though the Cameron hounds were bred for big game, they're one of the finest hounds on bobcats and raccoon. 

It is known that the Cameron hound are high energy, highly driven, cold nosed hounds that you have ever seen. They were bred for their loud voices, excellent tracking abilities, high intelligence, extremely cold-nose and to stand up to some of the roughest mountains and country day in and day out and still hold up when others fail. 

Grizz Blue Cameron 

A True Del Cameron Hound


I'm proud to announce a true Del Cameron bred sire that will be part of Wetapo Creeks breeding program. Great things have come from this Sire and he is make history in his endeavors! This hound will take your breath away with his quality conformation, extremely cold nosed, beauty, and high energy. He was born to be highly intelligence, fast, tough,​ and strike and tree with desire and determination. He came from bloodlines that are legendary -generation after generation.

This gorgeous Cameron sire has more grit and glory, and has an attitude that is big, bold and beautiful. Griz Cameron has no fear and we will be able to hear his long bawl for years to come in Alabama! This great sire has produce some of the finest quality hounds on the face of the earth!  With the true classic old world look of a true Cameron hound.   

                                                             Who said you can't have it all !  

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Works & Hunts Lion & Raccoon

The Next 100%
Cameron Generation


Wetapo Creek Blue Copper Cameron


I have always dreamed of producing an outstanding Cameron and this time I knew where to begin!  This male is fast and extremely tough with a whole lot of grit and desire. He is a pack leader among the hounds with intelligence, determination and with great hunting instincts.  Now this Cameron will be a legend in his time. 

 His Cameron bloodlines have the drive and desire, their ability to hunt-  their ability to bring down some of the toughest game and then come home to be a wonderful companions. Wetapo Creek Blue Copper Cameron is one superb piece of Cameron flesh and we are so very proud to have the next generation of the greatest bloodlines of today's time!

Works & Hunts Lion & Bobcat
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The Hunting Partnership Between Man and Hound developed  A long Time Ago And From It Came A Deep Bond Of Love And Loyalty !
I suspect It Was The Dog's Idea
Keep Your Eye On This Cameron !

David Pool & Wetapo Creek Kennels

At Wetapo Creek Kennels family comes first..
My Father Daved Pool have always been the coolest, Like all them times when I wanted to go hunting on a school night and you said YES when Mom said NO! 
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Wetapo Creek Kennels comes from a 4rd generation of houndsman from Grandfather to Father to Son and now my Daughter. I breed the true old fashion blueticks with long ears and Bawl mouths and a family of hunting some of the finest quality Cameron Bluetick's in Alabama today.

I'm proud today to be able to own, produce and raise quality hunting Cameron Blueticks!
I take great pride in raising Cameron's for big and small game, and provide quality hounds at a championship level for hunting or for the home. We are dedicated to the preservation of the true old fashioned Bluetick. We want to produce a true ​dual purpose hound and to breed premium performance Blueticks.

I'll Just Wait Here 


Until Hunting Seasons

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Wetapo Creek Lighting

206443413_1867434166759908_7117674160774630973_n-removebg-preview (3).png

Introducing Wetapo Lighting Cameron the next great sire to make history in the Cameron world. I take great pride in raising quality hounds like this young two year old Cameron named Lighting, he does have a bit of a stubborn streak in him just like his sire Griz and grandsire Bo. He is bred to be highly intelligence, fast,

 tough and a independent-thinking machine, he has the ability to solve problems and figure out solutions to tricky situations, but it also means he’s likely to think his ideas are better than mine. A man really doesn't get to know the country unless he has followed a pack of hounds through it. You don't have to have a good dog to trail on fresh snow. But to hunt on old snow, or bare ground, you have to have a better hound a smarter hound a Cameron hound to be successful. 

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Son Of Griz Cameron &
Jessy Cameron
Works & Hunts Lion & Bobcat
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Wetapo Gus Cameron

Works & Hunts Lion, Bear
& Bobcat

Now this Cameron is the description of a powerhouse and one superb Lion hunting machine. His Cameron bloodline will live on and be passed down to generations to come. He has brought down some of the toughest game and lived up to his bloodline.  Gus has speed and grit to run down a Mountain Loin and brains to figure out a tough track. 

This hound is what legends are made of and The finest of top-notch, big-game hounds.

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bobcat 512W.jpg

CH Bluestone's Lonesome Bo Cameron

233779032_1904476936388964_645409327266453316_n-removebg-preview (1).png

Ch Bluestone's Lonesome Bo Cameron the crown jewel of the Cameron world, he is known for his beauty and spirit and produces top quality Cameron pups time and time again, he will forever remain entwined in the fabric of the Cameron Bloodline..  Bo Cameron has not only been raised to bring down some of the toughest game, his bloodline has been instilled with a spirit of loyalty unparalleled by that of any other Bluetick breed.

Del Cameron's legacy will always live on when you have sires that stand the test of time!  

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Works & Hunts Bobcat

Wetapo Creek Blue Clyde Cameron

Works & Hunts Bobcat/coon

  “The difference between who you are, what you want to accomplish, and who you want to be as a houndman, lies within what you do.” A more truer statement couldn’t be made for Wetapo Creek Blue Clyde Cameron. The journey is a culmination of hard work, determination, sacrifice, strong beliefs, and moralities that have been passed down for three generations and Clyde's  Bloodline is product of all that hard work!

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