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Old Fashioned Bluetick Coonhound & Bluetick Coonhound

Discover the Beauty in Our Old Fashioned Bluetick Coonhound

When you head out for a hike through the Conecuh Forest, do you hear the cry of the coonhound in your heart? At Wetapo Creek Kennel Cameron Hounds in Red Level, AL we keep the tradition alive. Our championship Bluetick Coonhounds have the heart of the hunter and the classic styling you love.


50 Years of Selective Breeding


I carefully selected our dams and sires, verifying seven generations of winning Cameron Hounds behind each of their pedigrees. I am not a puppy mill, with only one or two litters available every year. In order to achieve the classic appearance and maintain the proper temperament for hunting, my sires are available to other registered Cameron Bluetick breeders to improve the breed.


Conformation, Curiosity, and Cunning


An old-fashioned Bluetick Coonhound is known for their blue and black "ticked" coat, droopy ears, large cold nose, and a lean but muscular body. The very best of the breed is ready and eager to chase after their prey for hours on end, and will only give up when the quarry is cornered. Wetapo Creek's breeding program ensures that every puppy has parents that reflect all of these qualities.


A Bluetick Coonhound Bred for Adventure


Do you love to spend the entire day outdoors with your canine companion or on the hunt for game? Our dogs are all raised to be energetic, curious, and ready to run by your side for miles on end. Some of our puppies have served as K-9 officers, on search and rescue teams, and as championship hunting dogs.


Would you like your own Bluetick Coonhound? Contact me via phone or email to inquire about the next available litter, pricing, and terms and conditions. My puppies are always in demand. A deposit and approved application are required to hold one for you.

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