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Through the souls of my Hounds

100% Cameron Foundations 

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 Wetapo Creek Kennels has traveled the Untied States for some of the finest Cameron dams. Our girls are big, bold, and beautiful with the true old fashion long ears and outstanding conformation not to mention hard core hunters. The females are AKC and UKC registered, a site to behold! Each of these wonderful females adds something very special to Wetapo Creek Kennel.

​Our goal is to breed top quality Cameron Bluetick hounds for big and small game. Our breeding program will be centered around outstanding hounds and bloodlines to keep a strict breeding line.  We will be breeding the girls that are tough, fast, track-driven with desire, determination, and a whole lot of grit ! We want our hounds with a cold nose , long loud bawl, and to hold up in some of the roughest country and terrain. Please contact us with any questions about the females in our breeding program.

Ch. Bluestone's Lonesome Ms. Cameron

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We are proud to have this female in the field. Missy is a top quality Cameron hound. I have waited a long time for a quality producer to add to the Cameron bloodlines. This girl has it all, conformation, beauty, personality, and heart! Her bloodline is known to be fast, track-driven, and game crazy. She was born to strike, trail, and tree the toughest game out there today! She is AKC and UKC registered with a bloodline to match. This is a hound that will do the job when others fail!

Missy has proven herself over and over again with the litters she produces, big game puppies on Mountain Lion and Bear for outfitters, Raccoon, Bobcat, Search and rescue, K-9 Unit, Bomb Unit, and her legacy go on with what she produces. What more could you ask for in this beautiful Cameron Dam.

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382015hounds 078_edited.jpg
Big Game Or Small Our Cameron Hounds Will Do It All

100% Cameron Dam


I believe dams are the foundation of any great breeding program, and that the source of any great hound is the great dam in that Blueticks pedigree. I have a group of exceptional Cameron Blueticks whom are bred both predictably and beautifully. Top dams with top quality conformation, Pedigrees rich with legendary producing sires and dams! I feel this and the quality of the dam and sire's line are the keys to a successful breeding program with excellent pedigrees whom represent their ancestry as well. Correct conformation, good legs and tight feet, a scissor bite is a must and with great beauty and power! We want dams with courage, grace, speed, agility and  most importantly, dams with an superb strength in an excellent female line, and pedigrees full of many great dams. Dams of such beauty and charisma are the stuff dreams are made of. Watch for new upcoming litters for 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Enter our world, and be charmed by the royal grace and beauty of the Cameron female.

Bluestone's Ms. Jessy Cameron


Now here is a Cameron female that will be sought after by professional houndsmen due to her quality and bloodline. This is the "whole package hound" with quality and outstanding conformation and a lineage that goes back for over 50 plus years! She carries her Del Cameron bloodline with pride..

This bluetick will be no quitter in the field or show arena. She has all the beauty and grace of a true Cameron hound and will leave her mark on the world as she becomes the true champion she is meant to be! God has given us a very special girl and she will show no fear when her time comes. Jessy is a proven dam and will be bred in 2021 to Griz Blue Cameron.

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"We Specialize In The
WOW Factor"

Bonnie 100% Cameron Female


Wetapo Creek Bonnie Cameron

IMG_1039__2_-removebg-preview (1).png

Gypsy is a extreme beauty, elegance, refinement, and full of grace. What words can possibly describe this irresistible hound?  Bold and Bodacious, Big and Bad with phenomenal hunting skills. She is a beautiful example of what a true Cameron bluetick should be. She is very intelligent and loyal and a hound that has it all!  Her heart runs rich and deep in her heritage with a long loud bawl, lots of grit, heart, desire and determination. No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the woods with this girl.  Gypsy was meant to be shared with the world, she is our prize possession and is the description of beauty, grace and conformation. She will be respected and admired by the hound world, Gypsy will leave a legacy that will go on and on in history.

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The Finest Collection Of
Cameron Females

 Snake River Fancy Bonnet

Bonnet Is A Del Cameron Bred Female Out Of His Finest Collection Of Hounds
pexels-photo-3312677 (6) (2).jpg

War Bonnet is a true Del Cameron bred female that came from his breeding program!

This beautiful Dam outproduces herself and is an excellent finished hound on Cat, Lion and Bear, she is considered to be one of the most beautifully bred of the big game Cameron Blueticks. It's easy to see why many people long to own a Cameron Bluetick, plus War Bonnet is an intelligent and versatile animal capable of bonding very closely with the family. Forward thinking, Beauty, Conformation, Disposition and Athletic ability all in one treasured what more could I ask for! I put a lot of thought into the outstanding Cameron Bloodline, War Bonnet is a big part of my foundation. I'm very proud to have this beautiful hounds as part of my breeding program. I feel she will reproduce some of the finest quality hunting offspring out there today! This bloodline has been hunted over the years with great success on jaguar, bear, boar, bobcat, and raccoon. I'm confident she will provide some of the best Cameron blood in the Bluetick world of today's hounds! Look for War Bonnet upcoming 2021 litter.


Wetapo Annie Mae Cameron

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Wetapo Sally Cameron

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