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Cameron Bluetick Hound & Cameron Bluetick Bloodline

Our Cameron Bluetick Hound is Bred for the Hunt

Are you looking for a puppy bred to run all night long while sounding their joy? At Wetapo Creek Kennel in Red Level, AL my entire focus is on raising beautiful old-fashioned Cameron Bluetick Hounds destined for greatness. These working dogs are strong, sturdy, and have a focused prey-drive ready to scent out their quarry and drive it until treed.


Champion Dam and Sire on the Premises


I do selective breeding to ensure the future of the Cameron Bluetick bloodline, so my puppy litters tend to mix sires and dams from our own kennel and other nationally recognized champions. Our dams live with us. Meet Lonesome Ms. Cameron and Ms. Jessy Cameron. Lonesome Bo and Legend are available for stud services.


AKC, UKC, and PKC Registered


Their triple-registered status reflects their ability to perform well in the ring and in the wild. My puppies have gone on to serve in the K-9 corps, as search and rescue dogs, and have worked to bring in big and small game. Their conformation reflects decades of careful breeding and active participation in field work.


Puppies Raised in Our Loving Home


Every litter of Cameron Bluetick Hounds at Wetapo Creek Kennel spend their first eight weeks with their mother. They come to you properly socialized and ready to get down to the work of obedience and field training. I take advanced deposits for every puppy and often sell out months in advance.


I am located in beautiful Red Level, AL where our Blueticks grow up in their native habitat, surrounded by the stunning Conecuh Forest. Give us a call or contact us via email for details on future litters and stud services to improve the Cameron Bluetick Bloodline.

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