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Hunting Dogs & Big Game Bluetick Hound

Our Big Game Bluetick Hound is Bred for the Hunt

Are you searching for a dog born and bred to help you bring down the big game? Wetapo Creek Kennel Cameron Hounds have the pedigree and responsible breeding designed to deliver a well-adjusted dog focused on providing companionship and seeking out their prey.


A Big Voice and Cold Nose


My hunting dogs are known for their musical cry that will echo through the woods as they track their quarry. The Bluetick Coonhound nose is known for its large shape and cool temperature, which allows them to sort through all the scents layered in the woods and zero in on the one that will lead you to your game. This breed has been known to hunt coons, big cats, and bear.


Hunting Dogs Focused on Success


The big game Bluetick Hound has a well-developed prey drive, which means they will stay on track for hours at a time while they track their game. If you forget to take them out for some field work, your coon hound will soon find something around the house to corner--from the cat to your socks. Our hounds require constant employment to remain happy and healthy.


Energetic and Devoted Companions for the Active Hunter


At Wetapo Creek Kennel, our puppies are bred out of our champion dams and sires. They will arrive at your home ready for their training and will require hours of your time on a daily basis. These hunting dogs are eager to go for daily jogs around the park, but would prefer the winding trails of the woods.


Our big game Bluetick hound puppies spend their first eight weeks in the loving environment of our home. Very high in demand, it is recommended to submit your application and deposit as early as possible to secure a pup from our next litter.

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