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Blue Tick Coon Hound & Cameron Bluetick

Breeding Quality Cameron Bluetick Hounds Takes Time and Love

When you need a dog that is ready to sniff out trouble and will work with you to run it down, you are searching for a Bluetick Coon Hound. Their singing call lets the whole world know they are on the scent while their floppy ears and inquisitive face are full of personality. At Wetapo Creek Kennel, I am 100% focused on improving the Cameron Bluetick through a highly selective breeding program.


Limited to One or Two Litters Per Year


I love and care for our two resident dams and only breed them every other year. Every puppy will go to a thoroughly vetted home that is prepared to give these Champion-quality puppies a thoroughly fulfilled life spent in the field or the ring. If you are interested in one of our Bluetick Coon Hounds, it is recommended that you put in a deposit as soon as the litter is announced.


Stud Services Available to Improve Your Puppies


Not only do our gorgeous sires father some litters at Wetapo Creek, I also accept applications for stud services for other Cameron Bluetick breeders focused on improving the genetic stock of this working dog. Each of our sires has seven pedigreed generations documented and a clean bill of health. Ask for their genetic profile when applying for their stud service.


Our Sires and Dams Work to Stay Healthy


How do you know your Wetapo Creek Kennel puppy is ready for the ring? All of our dogs actively participate at shows and field competitions, helping them to maintain both physical and mental fitness. They are allowed to glory in their ability to locate game and even missing persons while pushing their bodies to the limit.


If you would like more information about our available Bluetick Coon Hound puppies, click or call today.

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