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Charles Ward

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Here is my admittedly somewhat subjective list of the five most absurd and outrageous woke ideas being discussed in 2020. I owe a debt of gratitude to New Discourses for its Social Justice Encyclopedia, which allowed me to easily pick from its long litany of woke folly.

Rage Gulag.mp4

My Jewish faculty colleagues are still predictably the most outspoken advocates for anti-racist training, decolonizing the European canon, and multiculturalism. This is anecdotal, but I suspect my employer is not an anomaly. Many of the folks you listed are wonderful, courageous human beings, and have been instrumental in pushing back against the insanity; but they are also overpowered by the monster of WASP/Nordic contempt that was cultivated by their tribesmen for the past hundred + years. (idk, maybe the IDW folks et al. you listed are feeling the heat for being increasingly White-adjacent? lolz)

Years after the Gnoll War, Stormwind's farmers and settlers would increasingly push southward claiming territory close to the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, home of the Gurubashi Tribe. Skirmishes would erupt between the Gurubashi and Stormwind forces but the elderly Barathen would refuse to order an invasion into Stranglethorn and was focused on fighting a defensive war, much to the outrage of his son Prince Llane. While King Barathen's strategy against the Gurubashi was effective it would be unable to stop every attack, one which saw slow, barbaric, and gruesome deaths delivered to the villagers of three towns in Westfall. This would ultimately prove to be the final straw of Prince Llane, Anduin Lothar and Medivh, who in defiance of his father's continued de-escalation, journeyed south to bring war to the Gurubashi. Though initially shielded by Medivh's magic the three friends would end up in the fight for their lives when they battled Jok'non, a Gurubashi Warlord empowered by Hakkar the Soulflayer. Ultimately, the three friends would prove victorious and return to Stormwind, shaken by Medivh's powers.

Frightened by his powers Medivh would later journey to Karazhan and learn from his mother how to control his powers. He would gain a friend and ally in Moroes, who disapproving of Aegwynn's habit of shutting people out, would encourage Medivh to reach to invite local lords for a party after the young guardian spoke of his darkening thoughts.

Aegwynn was stunned as the truth set in, but she did not lose herself to despair. Instead, Aegwynn became angry and knew she would defeat Sargeras there and then, even if it meant striking against her beloved son. The battle between the two shook the tower to its foundations and sent the would-be revelers fleeing. When Aegwynn was temporarily incapacitated, Arcanagos joined in. However, despite being a blue dragon, Arcanagos was severely outmatched. Sargeras struck him down, burning him from the inside out until all that was left was bone. Her friend's death sent Aegwynn further into rage. Sargeras may have had the full weight of a Guardian's power, but she had centuries of experience. As their duel continued, Aegwynn slowly gained the upper hand,[31] until Medivh resorted to draining the life of nearby all occupants of the tower in order to fuel his strength.[32] Now stronger but still unable to kill Aegwynn, Medivh instead banished her from his sight.

Medivh and Khadgar soon crossed paths with the King's Champion Anduin Lothar and his soldiers on a scouting mission to the Black Morass. Lothar had encouraged his friend to rejoin Stormwind's defense, though understood that Medivh struggled with the power he unleashed on the Gurubashi years ago. The Guardian played along and feigned a fear of tapping into unwieldy magical powers, though his true intention was to buy time for the Horde to boost its strength. Lothar also spoke with Khadgar, telling him about Medivh's troubled past and asking him to act as a caretaker in addition to an apprentice. Medivh became more erratic afterward, disappearing for days at a time and being exhausted when he finally returned.[39]

Finally, the Prophet revealed his identity when the time came to rally the forces. Appearing in a dream to Thrall, the night elf Malfurion Stormrage, and Jaina, the Prophet told them that they must form an alliance to battle the common enemy. He told them that he was, in fact, Medivh, the Last Guardian of Tirisfal, and that it was his doing that brought the orcs, and, in turn, the Burning Legion, to Azeroth. Jaina, Thrall, and Malfurion became convinced that victory could only be achieved through an alliance, and they rallied together to defend the World Tree, Nordrassil. In the final hour, nature's spirits, called into action by the Horn of Cenarius' clarion call, swarmed around Archimonde, and destroyed the demon once and for all.[51]

After the forces defeated the Legion in the Netherspace, Medivh spoke with Khadgar, telling him that he couldn't stay to fight the Legion and that he was needed elsewhere. When questioned further, Medivh told Khadgar he was Azeroth's new Guardian, prompting Khadgar to deny the power as he had already done before. Medivh corrected him, stating he possessed all the power necessary to defeat the Legion, and that power was his will, heart, and courage to face the Legion. Medivh called Khadgar Azeroth's guardian once more and stated that while it may be simpler to shut a door than pass through it, sometimes a step into the unknown is required to break the bonds of fate. With that, he flew off as a raven towards the Nether.

The black dragon Wrathion journeyed to Karazhan to find a way to counter the Old Gods. While there, he encountered the shade of Medivh, who encouraged him that while Wrathion could not change the past, he could forge a new legacy to leave for the future.[60] 041b061a72


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