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Charles Ward

Counter Strike Source Zombie Escape: The Best Game Mode Ever

These specifications are generalized to make it easy for people who want to play the zombie escape mod, and therefor only the specifications of the weapon relative to the gameplay will be displayed for easy understanding.

Counter Strike Source Zombie Escape Downloadl

The CV-47 is by far one of the most popular assault rifles along with the Maverick M4A1 Carbine. However, due to its high recoil after a couple of shots, it is much less popular in the zombie escape gameplay. Technically, it is even completely useless unless you are very skilled in headshots. The CV-47 is known to instantly kill an armored player if it headshots, but this is absolutely not the case against zombies. Still, it can occasionally be seen in the gameplay just because it's so popular.Since many players do not believe this, we will still put its advantages and disadvantages appart to show you why its not that good for this gameplay:

The humans must escape from the zombies and head for the escape vehicle. Any humans who are late or do not make it in time will be left behind and killed due to the bomb's explosion. In this mode, zombies that have died from headshot will not revive, however, the shooter will not get points for eliminating the zombie.


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