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May 12, 2022
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The record of the working day that traces the lines of employee time Phone number list control arises from a latent need and that is that in Spain, according to data from the fourth quarter of the EPA of 2018, a total of 6.5 million were registered of overtime hours per week, of which 48% were not paid. "Based mainly on the number of overtime hours that are carried out in this country per week, it is clear that the existence of this record of the time control of employees in organizations was necessary," said Víctor Monreal, Territorial Head of Labor Inspection of Guipúzcoa, during the Phone number list conference organized by APD in Bilbao 'The legal changes in the registration of the working day'. Of the 6.5 million overtime hours, approximately 3 million are not paid in any way “Of those 6.5 million overtime hours, approximately 3 million are not paid in any way. If it translates into jobs, we would say that with those overtime hours 74,000 jobs could be generated. If the volume of paid or remunerated overtime is added to this, we would speak of a total of approximately 160,000 jobs”, added the expert. Along the same lines, Monreal stated that these overtime hours, which are not paid in any way, are carried out by some 400,000 people. Some extra hours that have grown in 2018 compared to the Phone number list previous year by almost 5%. What registration model do we choose for our organizations? The Labor Inspector of Guipúzcoa stressed that the model for registering the time control chosen, manual or digital, does not matter, the important thing is that two requirements are always met in this register: reliability and invariability. «The ordinary and extraordinary quantification of the hourly control of the employees cannot remain in the hands of the employer, just as the record cannot be modified a Phone number list posteriori by the employer. In addition, this record must always be kept in the workplace at the disposal of the inspection that will try to act with prudence and measure », he insisted. Like Monreal, José Ramón Mínguez, Partner of the Labor Area of ​​Bufete Barrilero y Asociados, stated at the aforementioned meeting that a manual control model is indifferent to a digital one: «Although depending on the volume of the workforce, the group in which it is opera or the type of day, it is preferable to opt for one model or another». Employee time control: Which model to choose? Objective: control the abusive use of overtime “There is a use and abuse of overtime in this country and it is an issue that must be addressed and controlled. A limit is needed, since it cannot continue like this ». Thus, in Mínguez's opinion, "this control, which has to serve the Phone number list private company and also the public sector, has a clear ideological burden and a marked collection character." This control is here to stay and cannot be taken lightly, we must try to sanitize the system "The precaution that must be taken with the control of overtime is important since the inspection in a first stage will go to look for the 'biggest'", insisted the expert, recalling that the regulations will progress: "This control has been to stay and it cannot be taken lightly, we must try to sanitize the Phone number list system ». A masking of overtime can lead to different sanctionable actions and their amounts under other salary concepts can incur sanctions ranging from amounts of 6,251 to 187,515 euros. At what point do we find ourselves with the time control of employees? For his part, the Secretary General of the Spanish Council for the Registration of Working Hours, José Ramón Urtubi, and another of the main speakers of the day, wanted to remind that the registration of the working day is not contrary to the control of the worker by the employer .


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