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Acon Digital Restoration Suite v1.2.0-UNION: A Review

If you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use software for audio restoration and noise reduction, you might want to check out Acon Digital Restoration Suite v1.2.0-UNION. This is a bundle of four plug-ins that can help you improve the quality of your recordings and remove unwanted noise, hum, clicks, and clipping.

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In this article, we will review the features and performance of each plug-in in the suite and show you some examples of how they can enhance your audio projects.


DeNoise is a plug-in designed to reduce noise such as hiss, wind noise, buzz, and camera noise. The noise can be reduced automatically in the adaptive mode or after measuring the characteristics of the noise in the noise profile mode. New in version 1.2.0 is the dynamic noise profiles feature, which can capture the dynamic properties of the noise so that noise that fluctuates over time, such as wind noise, can be effectively reduced. The new algorithm has also been greatly improved and is now even less prone to typical de-noising artifacts.

Here is an example of how DeNoise can reduce the wind noise in a recording of a speech:

Original recording with wind noise

Denoised recording with DeNoise


DeHum targets hum and buzz typically introduced by poorly grounded electrical equipment, but also other tonal noise sources like electrical motor noise. The hum detection algorithm has been improved in version 1.2.0 and theres now a new Scan button that automatically fine tunes the fundamental hum frequency. Version 1.2.0 also introduced support for Mid/Side (M/S) processing, which can reduce unwanted fluctuations in the stereo image.

Here is an example of how DeHum can remove the hum and buzz from a recording of a guitar:

Original recording with hum and buzz

Dehummed recording with DeHum


DeClick is designed to remove impulsive noise such as clicks, crackle, and thumps. These distortions are frequently encountered on LP and 78 RPM records, but also occur in digital recordings due to drop-outs or distorted data packets. DeClick 1.2.0s thump reduction works also effectively on vocal recordings with unwanted plosives. The algorithm has been improved in version 1.2.0 and is now less prone to reducing attacks and transients in the wanted signal. Version 1.2.0 also introduced Mid/Side (M/S) processing, which can reduce unwanted fluctuations in the stereo image.

Here is an example of how DeClick can restore a vinyl record with clicks and crackle:

Original recording with clicks and crackle

Declicked recording with DeClick


DeClip restores audio recordings distorted by analog or digital clipping with an improved algorithm. Clipping occurs when the signal level exceeds the maximum level that can be handled by the device or format, resulting in harsh distortion and loss of dynamic range. DeClip can reconstruct the clipped signal segments and restore the original dynamics.

Here is an example of how DeClip can repair a recording with digital clipping:

Original recording with digital clipping

Declipped recording with DeClip


Acon Digital Restoration Suite v1.2.0-UNION is a comprehensive and versatile software for audio restoration and noise reduction. It offers four plug-ins that can handle various types of noise and distortion with high quality and ease of use. Whether you are working with old records, noisy recordings, or clipped signals, you can rely on Acon Digital Restoration Suite to improve your audio projects.

If you want to try out Acon Digital Restoration Suite v1.2.0-UNION, you can download the demo version from the official website. The demo mode is fully functional with exception of short passages with muted audio output at irregular intervals. If you are satisfied with the results, you can purchase the full version for $99.90 USD.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.


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