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sharmin Akther
Apr 06, 2022
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Technically, the money you raise through crowdfunding is income and must be reported. fans will donate – top of that, the rewards also cost money. People pay for that t-shirt or vinyl, but you still have to make it (and send it to them). Determine exactly what each reward will cost you and how much it will cost to ship. If you have international fans, look into international shipping costs. The worst situation you company employee list could find yourself in is not being able to get the rewards for your fans who have taken the time and money to help you. 4. Think about your rewards. In addition to simple budgeting, you need to think creatively about your rewards. Make your rewards relevant to your project and your fans. Teenage girls may love magnets made from secret instagram photos of the check-in process. A slightly older fanbase can really company employee list appreciate the vinyl and even some high-end custom vinyl with artwork. Think about the project itself. Having a signed electric guitar as the reward for an acoustic album doesn't make much sense. Get creative with it. Make sure you have rewards that take into account the different levels of fans so that you don't alienate anyone. Digital downloads, physical cds, posters, magnets, and other little things like these are great low-end options. These are great for your more casual fans who may not want or afford to donate a lot. Mid-priced rewards like vinyl, a t-shirt, or personal items like signed copies or special notes are great company employee list for your most serious fans and those looking for personal interaction. Have some high end options. A private concert or vip pass is a great way to engage your super fans. With all of this in mind, make sure you don't get too invested in the
sharmin Akther

sharmin Akther

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