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Microsoft Puzzle Collection Free _TOP_ Download

Microsoft has a long tradition of Entertainment Packs for Windows, beginning in 1990. Since that time, there have been four Entertainment Packs and one "best-of" Entertainment Pack. All were mildly successful in the marketplace, but more were more frequently bundled for free with new computers. These earlier efforts gradually moved from 16 colors to 256 colors and gradually introduced sound effects into the games, but they were in general relatively Spartan compared to similar games released by other companies. The Puzzle Collection is the first set released specifically for Windows 95, and the first to focus exclusively on puzzles. The games in this collection are slightly more elaborate than their predecessors, but they appear to continue the Microsoft tradition here that less is better. Compared to recent Windows 95 retail puzzle game releases by other companies -- such as SegaSoft's Lose Your Marbles and Actual Entertainment's Gubble -- The Puzzle Collection contains a lot less depth, intrigue, addictive quality and replay value.

Microsoft Puzzle Collection Free Download

Ironically, the first Microsoft Entertainment Pack contained a version of Tetris by Alexey Pajitnov, and The Puzzle Collection contains several games designed by him. After several unsuccessful post-Tetris releases with Spectrum Holobyte -- including BreakThru and ClockWerx -- Pajitnov is apparently hoping for more success with Microsoft. The ten puzzle games included in this collection are "Charmer," where you save dancing snakes; "Color Collision," where you dodge obstacles in pursuit of color targets; "Finty Flush," where you work against the clock to fill the grids with the right combination of marbles; "Fringer," where you try to untangle knots in strings of beads under time pressure; "Jewel Chase," where you try to outrace a computer opponent to collect gems and get to the next level; "Lineup," where you try to connect opposite sides of the playing field with vertical or horizontal arrays of balls; "Mixed Genetics," where you try to restore mutated hybrid creatures to their original selves; "Muddled Casino," where you try to remove cards from the table in a particular order and win the jackpot, "Rat Poker," where you trap rats and try to combine them into winning poker hands; and "Spring Weekend," where you rotate garden patterns to try to create a match. In the end, which games emerge as your favorites is somewhat a matter of personal taste; I liked "Color Collision" (which is not really a puzzle game), "Jewel Chase" (which has a cute animated introduction), and "Lineup" (which involves awesome amounts of planning ahead). All three games managed to combine frenzied fun with intense logic.

The graphics in these ten puzzle challenges are diverse and uniformly high-quality. They are colorful, and in many cases they are quite fun to look at. However, none is outstanding either in terms of innovation or artistic merit. A rather minimalist "cookie-cutter" approach to the graphics seems to predominate. The great graphics in most of the shareware/freeware puzzle gems I reviewed earlier for GameFabrique make this product pale by comparison.

case #'s 1501587403 and 1502196989. Lost purchased jigsaw puzzles. Stats show puzzles played = 672, puzzles completed = 536, collections completed =3. Spoke with different technicians on May 22, 26, 27 and 31. First technician said, he could not find a way to retrieve previously purchased puzzles. On May 26, I selected from "See all Collections" a collection previously purchased "Tour of Africa". My options were to buy with coins, cash or "no thanks". There was no option to just download. I decided to repurchase with 6800 coins. When I opened "Tour of Africa", all puzzles had already been completed. There seems to be a dis-connect with what I purchased over the previous years and now. Looking for developer for Jigsaw. had a similar problem a year or two ago and he was able to bring all purchased collections back into the "See all Collections" where I could download into "downloadable collections. How can I retrieve previously purchased jigsaw collections?

My Miscrosoft Zigsaw collections purchased puzzles keep disappearing, wanting me to purchase games again. It is very frustrating. Sometimes closing the app and reopening works but not always. Sometimes playing solitaire and they come back but, not always. I don't like ads but I will not purchase the ad free version with this problem. You all need to fix this problem, I know this is happening for a great deal of your customers. How do i fix this issue? Thank you.@Phyllis12876

Instead of tolerating this poor piece of software, I recommend you check out where you will find a gazillion free puzzles, no ads, and software that works. It's much better than Microsoft Jigsaw.

This is a Microsoft problem. I am missing Cars, Out of this World, Surfaces, and Northern Lights. I purchased them and did the hard puzzle on each of the collections. This is ridiculous. Please help anyone.

@ramsonmod I have had the same issue only last night. I downloaded a number of the jigsaw collections using my gold bars probably about 6-8 of them ready to have a peaceful day today working my way through them. They were there when I closed down last night, on collections. Now invisible! Not impressed! Luckily I did not pay cash for them or I would be extra upset.

Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection is a very nice collection of puzzle games developed by Microsoft Corporation. With ten different games created by the genius behind Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov, this collection was released more than ten years ago and features fun and brain teasing games for all family. Taking into account its year of release, its graphics are modest, but full of attractive colors and effects. Besides, there are some catchy tunes and sound effects which will do their work pretty fine. The power of this collection is in its challenging and addicting gameplay. Although the games are very easy to play as well as entertaining, it takes some time to master most of them since as you move on from level to level, they get really tricky. This is what makes the collection a worthy game to try. The games are: Fringer, Color Collision, Jewel Chase, Finty Flush, Charmer, Lineup, Spring Weekend, and Muddled Casino. All of them have a help file with their rules and instructions. In addition, download and install is a very easy process that takes only a few minutes. The Puzzle Collection trial is only 2,5 MB and its system requirements are minimal. One drawback is that the window is not resizable and there is not full screen mode. However, and despite these few minor issues, once you have tried them, you will never get tired of playing.

If you've beaten all of the main game modes in Microsoft Jigsaw for Windows 10 you can download one of the many additional puzzle packs available or challenge yourself further by creating your own custom jigsaws. Players can even upload their own photos from their device to turn into a virtual puzzle. The Daily Challenge mode allows players to earn badges and compete with friends and the app comes with X-Box live integration for access to view leader boards unlock achievements and more.

Microsoft Puzzle Collection ROM download is available to play for Gameboy Color. This game is the US English version at exclusively. Download Microsoft Puzzle Collection ROM and use it with an emulator. Play online GBC game on desktop PC, mobile, and tablets in maximum quality. If you enjoy this free ROM on Emulator Games then you will also like similar titles Microsoft Entertainment Pack and Microsoft Pinball Arcade.

Discover a great collection of jigsaw puzzles free online. Browse the thematic folders for dozens of colorful photos. All free jigsaw puzzles are available in three difficulty levels. Moreover, you can easily zoom in and out and sort out edge pieces which makes the gameplay even more enjoyable. It is especially convenient if you play on your phone without download, so you could adjust the size to your screen resolution.

Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection is a collection of original puzzle games: Charmer, Color Collision, Flinty Flush, Fringer, Jewel Chase, Lineup, Mixed Genetics, Muddled Casino, Rat Poker, Spring Weekend. Flinty Flush is an odd game in which a grid of balls is suspended above a 44 grid. Both grids can be moved left or right to align them, and the bottom grid can also be rotated. The goal is to drop balls from the top grid such that they fill the bottom grid. Rat Poker is a reasonably amusing game in which colored rats enter the screen and march around in circles. If three or four rats of the same color are in a row when they reach the exit area, they exit together and the player scores points. One or more traps within the loop allow a single rat to be trapped and later released in order to get rats of the same color in a row. Rats continue entering the loop indefinitely, and a certain number of points must be scored to advance to the next level before the loop is completely full. Spring Weekend puts a number of objects onto a honeycomb grid, and the player can click on the grid to rotate all of the surrounding objects left or right around it in an attempt to make the grid match a source image. This must be accomplished in a certain number of moves in order to advance to the next level. There are 10 games in this collection, with only 3 playable in the trial version.

This page contains a collection of small computer programs whichimplement one-player puzzle games. All of them run natively on Unix(GTK), on Windows, and on Mac OS X. They can also be played on theweb, as Java or Javascript applets.I wrote this collection because I thought there should be more smalldesktop toys available: little games you can pop up in a window andplay for two or three minutes while you take a break from whateverelse you were doing. And I was also annoyed that every time I found agood game on (say) Unix, it wasn't available the next time I wassitting at a Windows machine, or vice versa; so I arranged thateverything in my personal puzzle collection will happily run on boththose platforms and more. When I find (or perhaps invent) furtherpuzzle games that I like, they'll be added to this collection and willimmediately be available on both platforms. And if anyone feels likewriting any other front ends for platforms I don't support (whichpeople already have) then all the games in this framework willimmediately become available on another platform as well.The gamesThe actual games in this collection were mostly not my invention;they are re-implementations of existing game concepts within myportable puzzle framework. I do not claim credit, in general, forinventing the rules of any of these puzzles. (I don't even claimauthorship of all the code; some of the puzzles below have beensubmitted by other authors.)Below each image are two links to versions of the puzzle you canpotentially play on the web. The 'js' link (and also the puzzle imageitself) links to a version based on JavaScript and WebAssembly. The'java' link is now probably obsolete: it links to a Java applet, whichmost browsers don't support any more.Also below each image is a link to the Windows binary for the game,and a link to the manual. For all other platforms, the games areprovided in a single bundle, so scroll down to theDownloadsection to get them all.Black Box[ java js manual ][ blackbox.exe ]Find the hidden balls in the box by bouncing laser beams off them.Bridges[ java js manual ][ bridges.exe ]Connect all the islands with a network of bridges.Cube[ java js manual ][ cube.exe ]Pick up all the blue squares by rolling the cube over them.Dominosa[ java js manual ][ dominosa.exe ]Tile the rectangle with a full set of dominoes.Fifteen[ java js manual ][ fifteen.exe ]Slide the tiles around to arrange them into order.Filling[ java js manual ][ filling.exe ]Mark every square with the area of its containing region.Flip[ java js manual ][ flip.exe ]Flip groups of squares to light them all up at once.Flood[ java js manual ][ flood.exe ]Turn the grid the same colour in as few flood fills as possible.Galaxies[ java js manual ][ galaxies.exe ]Divide the grid into rotationally symmetric regions each centred on a dot.Guess[ java js manual ][ guess.exe ]Guess the hidden combination of colours.Inertia[ java js manual ][ inertia.exe ]Collect all the gems without running into any of the mines.Keen[ java js manual ][ keen.exe ]Complete the latin square in accordance with the arithmetic clues.Light Up[ java js manual ][ lightup.exe ]Place bulbs to light up all the squares.Loopy[ java js manual ][ loopy.exe ]Draw a single closed loop, given clues about number of adjacent edges.Magnets[ java js manual ][ magnets.exe ]Place magnets to satisfy the clues and avoid like poles touching.Map[ java js manual ][ map.exe ]Colour the map so that adjacent regions are never the same colour.Mines[ java js manual ][ mines.exe ]Find all the mines without treading on any of them.Mosaic[ java js manual ][ mosaic.exe ]Fill in the grid given clues about number of nearby black squares.Net[ java js manual ][ netgame.exe ]Rotate each tile to reassemble the network.Netslide[ java js manual ][ netslide.exe ]Slide a row at a time to reassemble the network.Palisade[ java js manual ][ palisade.exe ]Divide the grid into equal-sized areas in accordance with the clues.Pattern[ java js manual ][ pattern.exe ]Fill in the pattern in the grid, given only the lengths of runs of black squares.Pearl[ java js manual ][ pearl.exe ]Draw a single closed loop, given clues about corner and straight squares.Pegs[ java js manual ][ pegs.exe ]Jump pegs over each other to remove all but one.Range[ java js manual ][ range.exe ]Place black squares to limit the visible distance from each numbered cell.Rectangles[ java js manual ][ rect.exe ]Divide the grid into rectangles with areas equal to the numbers.Same Game[ java js manual ][ samegame.exe ]Clear the grid by removing touching groups of the same colour squares.Signpost[ java js manual ][ signpost.exe ]Connect the squares into a path following the arrows.Singles[ java js manual ][ singles.exe ]Black out the right set of duplicate numbers.Sixteen[ java js manual ][ sixteen.exe ]Slide a row at a time to arrange the tiles into order.Slant[ java js manual ][ slant.exe ]Draw a maze of slanting lines that matches the clues.Solo[ java js manual ][ solo.exe ]Fill in the grid so that each row, column and square block contains one of every digit.Tents[ java js manual ][ tents.exe ]Place a tent next to each tree.Towers[ java js manual ][ towers.exe ]Complete the latin square of towers in accordance with the clues.Tracks[ java js manual ][ tracks.exe ]Fill in the railway track according to the clues.Twiddle[ java js manual ][ twiddle.exe ]Rotate the tiles around themselves to arrange them into order.Undead[ java js manual ][ undead.exe ]Place ghosts, vampires and zombies so that the right numbers of them can be seen in mirrors.Unequal[ java js manual ][ unequal.exe ]Complete the latin square in accordance with the > signs.Unruly[ java js manual ][ unruly.exe ]Fill in the black and white grid to avoid runs of three.Untangle[ java js manual ][ untangle.exe ]Reposition the points so that the lines do not cross.LicenceThis game collection is copyright 2004-2021 Simon Tatham (portionscopyright Richard Boulton, James Harvey, Mike Pinna, JonasKölker, Dariusz Olszewski, Michael Schierl, Lambros Lambrou,Bernd Schmidt, Steffen Bauer, Lennard Sprong, Rogier Goossens, MichaelQuevillon, Asher Gordon and Didi Kohen). It is all distributed undertheMIT licence.This means that you can do pretty much anything you like with thegame binaries or the code, except pretending you wrote themyourself, or suing me if anything goes wrong.DownloadHere are Windows executables of the puzzle games in thecollection. (On Windows only, the Net executable is called"netgame.exe" in order to avoid clashing with Windows'sown "net.exe". The name of the game is still"Net" :-)blackbox.exe bridges.exe cube.exe dominosa.exe fifteen.exefilling.exe flip.exe flood.exe galaxies.exe guess.exeinertia.exe keen.exe lightup.exe loopy.exe magnets.exemap.exe mines.exe mosaic.exe netgame.exe netslide.exepalisade.exe pattern.exe pearl.exe pegs.exe range.exerect.exe samegame.exe signpost.exe singles.exe sixteen.exeslant.exe solo.exe tents.exe towers.exe tracks.exetwiddle.exe undead.exe unequal.exe unruly.exe untangle.exeHere is a Windows help file. If you install this in thesame directory as the executable files, then each game shoulddisplay a "Help" menu giving help about the game collection ingeneral and that game in particular. You can also browse the samedocumentation online in HTML format.puzzles.chmHere is a .zip file containing all of the aboveWindows binaries and the help file.puzzles.zipHere is a Windows MSI installer.puzzles-version-installer.msi(This MSI installer is unfortunately not inter-compatible with theold Windows executable installer package I used to provide here, so ifyou still have the old one installed, you'll have to uninstall itbefore installing the MSI version. Sorry about that.)Here is a Mac OS X disk image file, containing a single monolithicapplication called "Puzzles". You should be able to download and openthe disk image, then drag the Puzzles application to wherever you feellike keeping it; it should be entirely self-contained.Puzzles.dmgHere is a source archive of the collection, which should allowyou to compile the games on any Unix system supporting GTK. (Atleast, I hope so; I've only tested it on Linux so far, and Iwouldn't rule out portability issues on other types of Unix.)puzzles-version.tar.gzSome people have ported this puzzle collection to various mobiledevices. Here are some links to their port pages:Port tothe Palm, by James Harvey.Port toGoogle Android, by Chris Boyle.Port to SymbianS60, by Tiago Donizio.Port to iPhone and iPad, byGreg Hewgill.Port to Windows Store, byLennard Sprong.Port toRockbox, by Franklin Wei.(Note that these are third-party ports, not maintained by me. If youhave trouble with one of these, you should probably follow the linkto the appropriate maintainer's page and contact them about theproblem in the first instance.)DevelopmentAll of these puzzles are written in C, with a porting interface sothat the same back-end puzzle code can talk to wildly differentgraphical front ends. The source archive above includes native GUIfront ends for Windows and Mac OS X, an X front end using theGTK+library, and a mixed C/Java front end for compiling the puzzles intoJava applets usingNestedVM.There is extensive developer documentationdescribing the cross-platform interfaces. If you want to write a newpuzzle or a new front end (to make all these games run on anotherplatform), this is probably the place to start.If you want to see the latest state of development, you can checkthe development sources out from my git repository:git clone , you can browse the repository on the web,here.


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