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Andanzas de Aniceto: A Classic Mexican Comic Series

Andanzas de Aniceto (Wanderings of Aniceto) is a comic series created by the Mexican publisher Editormex Mexicana in the late 1960s. The series follows the adventures of Aniceto, a clumsy and naive wizard who often gets into trouble with his magic spells. The comic is filled with humor, fantasy, and references to Mexican culture and folklore.

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The series was inspired by the success of other comic magazines published by Editormex Mexicana, such as Brujerias (Witchcraft) and Hermelinda Linda (Pretty Hermelinda), which also featured characters with supernatural abilities. Andanzas de Aniceto was originally called Burrerias (Blunders) when it debuted in December 1967, but the name was changed shortly after to avoid confusion with another comic of the same name. The series ran for more than 700 issues until the late 1980s, and was reprinted several times afterwards. The comic was distributed throughout Latin America and enjoyed a wide popularity among readers of all ages.

Andanzas de Aniceto is considered a classic of Mexican comic art, and has been praised for its originality, creativity, and humor. The comic also reflects the social and political context of Mexico in the second half of the 20th century, as well as the influence of foreign comics and media. The comic has been studied by scholars and fans alike, and has been adapted into other formats, such as radio shows, theater plays, and animated shorts.

If you are interested in reading Andanzas de Aniceto, you can find some of the issues online in PDF format. For example, you can check out the issue number 17 from October 1987 [here], which features Aniceto trying to help a friend who is in love with a mermaid. You can also browse through other issues from different years [here], or visit this [collection] of Andanzas de Aniceto memorabilia on OpenSea.

Andanzas de Aniceto is a comic series that will make you laugh, wonder, and appreciate the richness of Mexican culture and imagination. Don't miss this opportunity to discover or revisit this gem of comic history!


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