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Charles Ward
Charles Ward

HACK ASUS GPU Tweak Setup.exe =LINK=

hi there, i've been following your posts and i'm really enjoying it. i have the same problem as you, my laptop is a hp pavilion dv7-6100 nb. i've been searching for a solution and i found it in the "fixit". i also tried the "enable fixit", but my laptop didn't turn on, it's just white without the asus logo on the bottom and the screen turns off. do you think it's a bios issue? thank you.

HACK ASUS GPU Tweak setup.exe


i'm considering buying a laptop in the asus ux31a series, but i was wondering if it is possible to disable the touchpad and use it for a mouse instead. does anyone know if there are drivers available somewhere, and if so, what version and whether i can be sure they're compatible with win10 (it's a bit old - 2015!)

i'm going to be upgrading my system to win10 soon and i'm really excited to get it over with. i have a n550jv and i use the asus screenpad, i've been having a lot of problems with it on win7 64bit and i know this will be a problem with win10. is there any way to disable the touchpad? i don't care if i have to use a usb mouse or whatever, but i don't want the touchpad at all. thanks for any help i can get :)

h3llo, i'm not really sure why the drivers for my laptop arent in the asus site! it's a newer version of the ux31a and the intel graphics driver i have was supposed to be the latest according to the asus site.. anyway i have installed it and rebooted, and it still cant find the graphics driver! i downloaded the asus gpu tweak, but it's not showing my drivers in the list of drivers i have to install. it says the driver is compatible with win10, but it's not showing in the list. what do i do???


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