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Charles Ward
Charles Ward

TRX - Futa Armor Addon WIP BETTER

I have an idea please tell me if it's even possible. Know that pubic hair addon you made? Could it be possible to make a toggle for the hair so we don't need to rebuild the shlong in bodyslide every time we want to change between hairy and clean shaven?

TRX - Futa Armor Addon WIP

This would be a nice addition, but you may or may not know this but you can " Alt+tab" (so your game runs in the background) out of your game, load bodyslide, choose your hair option, build, then go back in your game again(that is still running)... equip or unequip any body armor/clothes you have, do that again( to become naked) and ....boom new hairThis whole process should take 15-20seconds 041b061a72


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